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EMS Bag,Trauma kit,First Aid kit, & Trauma bags

    Being prepared for the unexepected with a first aid kit, medical bagsmedical kits, or an emergency disaster kit is one of the best steps to take in being prepared for a true emergency. whether it is a Natural Disaster or a medical emergency Hot Box LLC is there, we will privide you with the best first aid bag, ems bag, or emergency kits at our lowest prices with unsurpassed customer service. 

 •Most Trauma bags and Trauma kits available in assorted colors
ADC Trauma Bag
ADC Trauma Bag
Only $39.99
You save $10.00
Saver First Responder Bag
Open Saver First responder Bag
MB 2100 Saver First Responder Bag
Only $58.75
You Save $3.00
MB 2102 Saver Responder II Bag
MB 2102 Open Saver responder II Bag
MB 2102 Saver Responder II Bag
Only $75.00
You Save $6.00
MB2103 Saver responder III EMT Bag
MB 2103 Saver Responder III Bag
Only $85.00
You Save $8.00
EMI Pro Response 2 complete
Only $180.00
You save $20.00
MB5107 Ferno Professional Trauma bag
Mb5107 Open Ferno Professional Trauma Bag
MB5107 Ferno Professional Trauma Bag
Only $226.00
You Save $15
MB5113 Ferno first in trauma Bag
MB5113 Ferno First in Trauma bag open
MB5113 Ferno First In Trauma Bag
Only $122.75
You Save $10.25

MB5148 ferno Luno Bag
MB5148 Ferno Luno Bag Open
MB5148 Ferno Luno bag
You Save $10.25

MB5108 Ferno ALS Kit
MB5108 Ferno ALS Kit
Only $340.00
You Save $52.00
MB5115 Ferno Professional Mini Intubation Kit
Open Professional Mini Intubation Kit
Mb5116 Ferno Mini IV Kit
TK5108 ferno ALS Kit with Pro ALS Bag
MB5108 ferno Pro ALS kit
Open MB5108 Pro ALS Kit bag
BLS kit
MB5108 ferno Pro ALS bag
MB2103 Saver III EMT Bag
TK5111 trauma & Airway Management kit
TK5111 Trauma & Airway Management Kit
Only $933.00
You Save $149.00
MB5111 Trauma Airway Management Bag
EMI Trauma Pack and first aid kit
EMI Trauma Pack
Great First Aid Kit Only $46.99
You save $27.45
Emi Pro Response complete Trauma Kit
EMI Pro Response Complete
Only $110.00 
You save $50.00
EMI Pro Response 2 Bag
Only $54.99
You save $32.00
EMI Pro Response 2 Compete Trauma Kit
EMI Multi Response Trauma Kit
EMI Multi Trauma Response Kit
Only $295.00 
You save $133.00
EMI Multi Trauma Response Bag
EMI Multi Trauma Response Bag open
EMI Pro Response 2 Bag
EMi Flat Pac Bag
EMI Emergency Disaster Kit
EMI Battle Pac millitary trauma kit
EMI Flat Pac Response Kit
EMI Airway/Trauma Response Kit
EMI Battle Pac
Only $80.00 
You save $21.00
EMI Emergency disaster Kit
Only $108.99
You save $30.00
EMI Airway/Trauma Response Kit
Only $113.00
You save $67.00
EMI Flat pac Response Kit
Only $70.00
You save $30.00
EMI Multi Trauma Response Bag
Only $96.99
You save $48.00
EMI Flat Pac Bag
Only $33.00
You save $18.01

 I recently had business dealings with Hot Box LLC. I found their customer service to be at the high end of the scale,delivery on target,and product quality and pricing extremely competitive. I look forward to future dealings with Hot Box LLC.

Director of environmental affairs
CAL TEL California
Emergency Disaster Response Kit
Only $212.00
You save $56.00
First Aid kit / EMS Holster Set
First Aid Kit Trauma Holster Set
Only $37.99
You save $10.76
EMI Road Warrior Emergency First Aid Kit
EMI Road Warrior
Only $280.00
You save $44.00