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Philips HeartStart AED Pads

Philips AED Pads for Infant or Child - SMART Pads M5072A
Adult SMART Pads 
Item # M5071A
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Infant/Child Smart Pads
Item #M5072A 
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M5071A Philips AED Pads
Phillips Heartstart AED Pads - Onsite
Philips AED Pads Smart Pads II
Phillips Heartstart AED Pads - Onsite
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M5070A Philips AED HeartStart Battery
Buy M5072A philips aed pads
HeartStart HS1 Onsite Philips AED Pads
Philips HeartStart FRX Philips AED Pads

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Philips AED Pads
Smart Pads II
Item # 989803139261 
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     Philips aed pads are made to the highest manufacturing standards. The M5071A aed pad should be used with the Philips HeartStart Onsite HS1 or the Philips Home defibrillator. The M5071A HeartStart SMART Pads cartridge is designed to be used on adults or patients weighing over 55lbs. The M5072A defibrillator pads should be used for children 55lbs or less, these aed pads are specifically marked in pink and show the proper pads placement for children. M5071A and M5072A pads are designed to fit the M5066A, M5067A, and M5068A Philips aeds. These pads have a shelf life of about two years and should be inspected monthly by reading the expiration date printed on the top of the aed pads. Example:  exp: 8/2013 

     Unlike the Philips Heartstart onsite defibrillator the Philips HeartStart FRX use the same Set of SMART Pads ii  989803139261 for children and adults by purchasing the infant/child key 989803139311(sold separately) saving you the expense of purchasing two separate pads when they expire.  FRX HeartStart Pads are for use with the Philips HeartStart 861304 defibrillator.989803139311 aed pads have a typical shelf life of 2 years and should be inspected monthly.

Philips AED Pads Q & A

Q. Why do aed pads expire?
A. Philips aed pads expire due to the adhesive loosing its effectiveness after the expiration date.

Q. How do I Know when My heartStart aed pads expire?
A. The expiration date is printed on the face of the pads.

Q. How do I dispose of my used AED pads?
A. Generally they can be disposed of as landfill waste but you should follow all state and local regulations.

Q. what does the child/Infant key do for the HeartStart FRX?
A. The Infant/Child key is inserted into the Philips FRX and reduces the joules, the key also shows proper pads placement for patients under 55lbs.

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