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    Studies have shown that 47% of EMS workers have sustained a back injury while performing their duties. The average cost for a back injury is around $20000 that’s why it is important to Hot Box LLC to provide the highest quality patient handling products from Ferno. Every Scene is unique and has its challenges with different terrain but by having the proper equipment such as a POWERFLexx ambulance cot or an EZ Glide Tracked Stair Chair can mean the difference between a successful call or a career ending Injury. Every Ferno Product is designed to assure that you maintain the best lifting posture and reduce or eliminate strain, while maintaining proper lifting techniques.

Ferno Products are not only designed to provide superior operator safety but to also provide industry leading stability that reduces tips, flips, and other incident that cause loss of control and stability.

Q. what is AED?
A. AED stands for automated external defibrillator, which is a lifesaving device that delivers an electrical shock to the patients heart to get a normal heart rhythm.

Q. Who should have an AED Machine?
A. Anyone that has employees or customers should consider implementing an early defibrillation program because seconds in an emergency make the difference between life and death.

Q. What if I panic and can’t remember how to perform CPR or operate the AED?
A. Emergency situations can be very stressful that’s why Philips AED defibrillators have diagrams for placement on each pad and the AED gives step by step verbal commands even instructions on how to properly perform CPR. I would recommend watching our AED videos just to see how easy it is to operate.

Q. Where can I get replacement batteries and pads for my AED Machine?
A. Hot Box LLC offers AED supplies at the lowest prices Guaranteed. heartstart M5070A and HeartStart M3863A FR2 battery

Q. When will I need to replace my AED ( Portable Defibrillator)?
A. As long as there is no damage to the equipment and it completes its daily self checks without any issues you will not need to replace it.

Q. Is there any maintenance on an AED Machine?
A. Yes, but very little it is recommended that you inspect it monthly for damage and assure that the batteries and pads are not expired.

Q. Why should I purchase my emt trauma bags and other products from Hot Box LLC?
A. Hot Box LLC is a family owned company with Midwest values that provides superior customer satisfaction and low prices.

Q. How does Hot Box LLC provide such low prices on their products like their EMT trauma kits?
A. Hot Box LLC is a small company therefore has low overhead and uses lean thinking to keep our costs low so that we can pass our savings onto our customers.

Q. What is the best stethoscope for hearing impaired?
A. Hot Box LLC offers the thinklabs stethoscope that amplifies sound up to 50X. I personally use this scope as an EMT and have several other medics that love it. it is even being used on the battlefield by medics so they can hear over mortatrs and gunfire.

Q. What does AED stand For?
A. Automated External defibrillator

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