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Philips M5071A Defibrillator Pads Info

by Tony Myers on 07/09/14

The product Philips M5071A is a set of defibrillator pads manufactured by a healthcare equipment company named Philips. These pads are usually found along with a defibrillating gadget also from Philips. The HeartStart defibrillator uses this brand of defibrillator pads and other pads will not work with it. As a general rule, before you buy replacement pads, know first if they can be used with the particular brand and style of defibrillator you have.

Defibrillator pads are a hands-free alternative to paddles, which are held and pressed against a heart attack sufferer’s chest. Philips M5071A pads are placed upon the endangered person’s body so that the defibrillator can pass its electricity to the heart. These pads also monitor the heart’s electrical currents and feed the info to the defibrillator. The machine then makes calculations, makes adjustments to the voltage, and alerts the user about when to deliver the electric charge. When he/she presses the appropriate button, the device generates the electric current and launches it through the pad’s cable and into the defibrillator pads. The shock goes into the person’s body via the pads and restarts the halted heart. Because the pads do not require to be pinned into position during the defibrillation, the person operating the defibrillator is spared from accidentally receiving the shock.

There are some rules in keeping Philips M5071A pads.  They should be used properly and placed unto the right areas: this is depicted through a drawing in the HeartStart’s cover. The pads should be kept away from the elements such as water, heat, extreme cold, etc. to avoid damage (room temperature is fine). They should not be handled aggressively or they can tear apart. When the pads reach its expiry date as printed on the foil, they should be thrown away and replaced with a new set. To ensure that the pads will work well, read additional guidelines in the manual of the Philips M5071A pads.

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