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I ordered Phillip AED Trainers from HOT BOX LLC and have found that the customer service was above and beyond. After I called to inquire about the AEDs, I was able to place an order and receive all my merchandise within a week. I used the AEDs in my classes and have found they are durable, long lasting and lightweight to carry around. Good equipment is essential to ensure a quality learning environment. Thank you!

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The M5070A At Work

by Tony Myers on 06/12/14

     The old saying big things come in small packages definitely relates to the M5070A HeartStart battery. Almost everywhere you look when you’re at a sporting event or just shopping in the mall if you keep your eyes open you will probably see a sign that says Automated external defibrillator or AED. In today’s world where people are living longer and obesity is on the rise these lifesaving devices powered by a simple self-contained m5070a battery will become more and more part of our daily lives in public places.

     There are many different types of aeds and AED Batteries on the market but you should always use the manufacturers recommended accessories such as batteries and pads. There are several Philips HeartStart defibrillator models on the market and some have been in service for 20 years plus like the heartstart Fr2. The Philips Heartstart Fr2 uses the M3863A disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery, which has a shelf life of five years, plus typical standby life of five years (four years minimum). The workhorse of the Philips HeartStart defibrillators is the Frx which has been used by first responders, Schools, businesses, and military because of its ease of use and durability. The Frx has been on the market for years and has a been picking up more and more market share every year. The newest defibrillator put out on the market by any manufacturer and the only one available to customers without a physician’s prescription is the Philips home defibrillator and the Philips OnSite, this rugged easy to use and affordable AED makes life saving as easy as turning it on and following its voice prompts. Like the FRx model the OnSite and Home defibrillator are powered by the M5070A HeartStart Battery.The M5070A battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery capable of delivering 300 shocks unlike other generic batteries 200 and the HeartStart M5070A battery also has a 4 yr warranty compared to the generic brands  1 year.

     Just like your car battery, if your AED  battery is not in a charged functioning state your defibrillator is useless that’s why you must periodically inspect it by simply making sure the green light is blinking.

The Philips HeartStart M5070A is not just a battery it could mean the difference between life and death.

The M5070A Battery

by Tony Myers on 06/02/14


Purchasing an AED or Automated External Defibrillator for your business is not only a testament to your willingness to care for your employees but may someday become a legal requirement. SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike at any time. That is why being prepared by owning an aed and completing annual training is paramount.


The Philips heartstart brand of defibrillators has proven itself over the years  in diagnosing and treating the life-threatening condition of SCA. The Philips heartstart defibrillators are also very easy to operate and have been designed so that even those with minimal training can handle the device can save a life when needed.


The M5070A


As with everything the Defibrillator needs a power source. The Philips HeartStart OnSite and FRx are powered by the Heartstart M5070A battery.  One thing to note is that not all aeds use the same battery, they vary by manufacturer and even by model in the same brand. For instance, all the M3538A is used with the Philips Heartstart MRX, and M3863A batteries can only be used with HeartStart FR2.



How do I know when the M5070A Battery expires


This depends largely on when you installed it. If you installed the Heartstart M5070A Battery within the recommended “Install by date”, it will last up to 4 years in the standby mode. Typically, it can even reach up to 5 years for the FR2 series. However, if you installed the battery after this date, it will be able to last for less than 4 years. This is true for the M5070A, M3538A, and M3638A batteries.


If you Have Questions about your Philips HeartStart defibrillator or your M5070A battery feel free to contact us any time.


HeartStart MRX Defibrillator Pads Pads

by Tony Myers on 06/01/14

In the world we live in today Defibrillators can be seen every ranging from the mall, schools, Law enforcement, and even private homes. Aeds are a compact affordable life saving device used when SCA otherwise known as Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

 The Philips HeartStart Brand of defibrillators are one of the most well-known and trusted brands on the market. Philips has several models of defibrillators to meet the needs of each market ranging from EMS with the MRx, FRx for schools, business and law enforcement, to the OnSite designed for businesses and home use. With all of the different models you must know what defibrillator pad is designed for your AED as not all pads are compatible.

The Philips HeartStart MRx utilizes several different pads but the most commonly used are the m3713a multi use pad designed for use on child and adult patients saving you the expense of purchasing and stocking two different sets of pads. The Philips M3716A or the alternate part number 989803107811 adult radiolucent pads for the Philips HeartStart MRx/XL/XL+ Monitor/Defibrillator Adult Radiolucent Electrode pads come in a package of 10 sets. The M3716A Radiolucent pads will only cast a slight shadow under a normal x-ray making it very desireable for use in hospital use. For children Philips has designed the M3717A electrode pad that should only be used as an effective tool on children. The  989803166021 MRx adult pre-connect disposable HeartStart MRx Adult Pre-Connect Pads with plug style connector for Philips HeartStart ALS manual defibrillators. these preconnect pads have the wire leads already out  and have an easy to open package, the 989803166021 were designed for fast deployment of pads and reduced wire tangles.These genuine Philips MRx pre-connect pads, when used in combination with the Philips HeartStart ALS manual defibrillator, will assist you  in reducing the  time to defibrillation. the 989803166021 MRx pads are for the  Philips HeartStart MRx/XL/XL+ Monitor/Defibrillators.

Our Top Selling defibrillator pad for the MRx is by far the Philips M3713A but you will have to evaluate your needs to determine which pad is right for you.


Philips HeartStart AED Battery

by Tony Myers on 05/13/14

The Philips HeartStart AED battery is a battery made especially for Philips brand defibrillators. The HeartStart ref M5070A will last up to 5 years installed and it comes with a 4-year manufacturer's warranty.

According to performance data from Philips, Philips HeartStart AED battery will provide up to 300 shocks or 12 hours of patient monitoring capability. The non-rechargeable lithium battery pack requires less maintenance than competitors rechargeable battery pack since it never requires charging. With the lithium battery pack installed, the Philips HeartStart AED battery automatically runs, daily, weekly and monthly tests.

The Philips HeartStart AED battery also performs the battery test the first time the Philips HeartStart AED battery is turned on after a new battery has been installed. The heartstart battery cannot be shipped by air due to federal regulations regarding the transport of primary lithium cells on aircraft. The AED battery is composed of a Lithium Manganese Dioxide cell and has a capacity of 4.2Ah. It has a rating of 50whr. It also has a weight of 1.20 lbs.

Buying Philips HeartStart AED Pads

by Tony Myers on 05/10/14

     Cardiac arrest can happen at any time, anywhere. It doesn’t choose any place or time of the day. When a sudden cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack happens, a defibrillator usually would be the best solution to the problem. But hospital defibrillators that are usually bulky are too heavy and require expertise to be used. That’s why there are AED available today that will surely help during emergencies like cardiac arrests and other heart related problems. And AEDs would never be complete without those pads like the Philips heartstart aed pads.


Philips heartstart aed pads are flexible electrical conductors crammed between polymer covering and hydro-gel adhesives. They’re typically oval shaped, soft, and supple. They are created to conform to the contour of the body and have adhesives intended to endure the rigors during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Although particularly created for defibrillation, these pads can function as ECG monitoring device and external pacing.


While all Philips heartstart aed pads have the same construction and are made of the same material, there are some important points you need to check when you buy one for yourself.



Different types of AED pads have different capacity when it comes to holding up energy. This means that everyone who intends to use an AED must be well aware of the type of pads to be used. There are AED pads used for adults and there are pads specifically for children. And this factor must be checked carefully to avoid further damage.


Expiration Date

Just like any other products in the market, Philips heartstart aed pads have expiration dates too. Check the label and look for the expiration date first rather than buying the item immediately. The pads would be completely useless when you use the expired one or may cause some disastrous results instead.


Check the Wiring

The wiring connected to the pads is a huge part of the pad and so it must be checked. Philips heartstart aed pads have clean, untangled wiring connected to their pads to ensure proper connectivity.


Energy capacity

Although the American Health Association has set the guidelines for the right energy capacity of AED pads, it pays to double check. Philips Heartstart defibrillator pads can relay 150 joules to 50 joules of energy and this information must be checked cautiously.


While it is easy to just grab a Philips heartstart aed pads quickly, there are certain factors you need to consider to maximize the use of the product and avoid malfunctions.