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EMI 511 Multi Rescue Tool

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511 Tool™

     EMI has recognized the need for a versatile yet convenient multi fire/rescue tool. The results... The 511 Tool™. Capable of five different functions; adjustable hydrant wrenchspanner wrenchgas shut-off tool; pry axe head; striking hammer head, this tool is essential gear for all firefighters and emergency first responders. The 511 Tool™ is manufactured of high strength treated alloy. It is also non-sparking, corrosion resistant, light weight and can be worn easily on a truckman’s belt. Approximately 133/4" long. Weighs 16oz.

•Firefighters • Haz-Mat Teams
•Vehicle Extrication Teams
•1st Responders
•EMS Personel


This incredible tool was designed especially for fire and EMS personel. Fourteen essential tools in one. The Xtreme™ tool is compact, versatile and includes a 20 tool adapter kit featuring an 11 piece bit set and a 9 piece ratchet set.

YOU SAVE: $26.00

 is the one tool that will forever change the way you will respond! In developing the ultimate rescue tool EMI has combined seven essential lifesaving functions in one tool. Fire - Power™ is a pliers, cutter, gas shut off tool, pry bar, spanner wrench and a seat belt cutter.