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M5071A Philips AED Pads For Onsite

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M5070A HeartStart Battery
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M5071A Philips AED HeartStart Battery
M5070A Philips AED HeartStart Battery
M5072A Philips AED Pads for Infant or Child - SMART AED Pads
  These Genuine Philips M5071A Philips HeartStart aed pads are designed for use on the Philips OnSite defibrillator.The M5071A pads are designed for adult cardiac arrest victims over 55lbs and show the proper placement for the lay responder for faster application times. We supply only the newest stock of Philips aed pads with the freshest dates saving you money and free shipping.
     It is highly recommended to have two sets of aed pads with your defibrillator incase the first set does not adhere do to hair, wetness, or improper placement.
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Frequently Asked Questions About M5071A Philips AED Pads?

When do my Philips AED pads expire?

The Use before date is an expiration date. Pad cartridges or Defibrillation pads must be replaced after this date. We recommend that you allow yourself enough time to replace these pads to ensure that pads are replaced before the use before? date or expiration date.

How Many sets of Philips AED Pads should I have?

 It is Highly recommended to have two sets of aed pads for your aed in case of poor adhession to the skin due to excessive moisture, body hair, or improper pads placement

Can I use the pads more than once?

 No the pads are only intended to be used on one patient.

FRX AED Pads for Defibrillator Machine
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