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Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator

Zoll AED Plus AED

No other AED supports a rescuer as thoroughly as the Zoll AED 

 A lid that acts as a passive airway support to maintain the victims open airway. A back-lit display screen that provides simultaneous text with every audio prompt, and a circle of lighted graphical icons that show what to do. A display screen that presents the elapsed time and number of shocks delivered, critical information needed by EMS personnel when they arrive. Real CPR Help. No other AED can see the rescuers chest compressions and guide them to the required depth and rate.
Other AEDs make you guess when your compressions are deep enough. Only the Zoll AED Plus lets you know.

Only $1629.00
Includes: Zoll Aed Plus, Soft case, cpr D padz,
1 sleeve of batteries, Accessory kit, 
factory warranty, prescription, user manuals
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Zoll AED Plus LCD Screen
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